Our team of digital strategy specialists bring a disruptive approach to consulting services.


The Department for Transport has increasingly become more focused on quality than cost in its approach to awarding franchises. At the same time key senior figures across infrastructure organisations such as Network Rail and HS2 have also come under pressure by government to put innovation and collaboration at the heart of procurement for new contracts. As a result we are offering help to both suppliers and transport operating groups to create an innovative yet achievable bid.


Having realised the challenges of working with data in the rail industry and identifying the hinderance this presents in our B.A.R.R.I.E.R.S report. The HackTrain’s Data Review and Insights services has been created. Ultimately, our goal is to enable transport operators to gain control of their data in order to improve customer experience and operational efficiency.

Delivery Partners

Hack Partners are bringing a new energy and ethos to investigating, developing and delivering new technology. We work with our Hack Partners community and network made up of change/project delivery expertise from the Rail Industry and Technical Expertise from across industries in an effort to deliver genuine innovation and transformation.

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