#RailTech Fund

This year, we have set out to raise a £10 - £20 million Incubation Fund with the aims of linking the transport industry with the very best startups in the world.

We set out to innovate the rail industry in the early days of Hack Partners by introducing, implementing and adapting new technologies.

2 years later working in the rail industry, we have identified a few barriers to our mission which can be found on our large-scale B.A.R.R.I.E.R.S. Report released last year:


Startups and innovators simply do not have the money to survive an average 18-month procurement cycle in the rail industry.


They also do not have the time and money to apply for funds that take another 6-18 months of applications, presentations and business cases before they release any money to the startup.

To address the challenge that we have identified, we are setting up a venture capital fund.

Post-Hackathon Investment Fund

Our hackathon participants would be able to receive quick bursts of small amounts of money to help them carry their idea forward. Read more about our HackTrain hackathons here.

RailTech Incubation Fund

Early stage startups whose technology have a massive impact in rail would have access to the fund run and managed by technology professionals and venture capitalists with experience in high-growth company investments. Working hand in hand with TOCs, ROSCOs, OEMs, and the supply chain we can assure the correct investment in the right startups.

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