Data is arguably the most important asset an organisation can own today. Sadly too often it's not used to its maximum potential. Why buy a Ferrari if it's going to just gather dust in the garage? When you give us your data, we give you nothing but valuable insight back.

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How Do Our Services Differ From Others?

That is a great question.

Here what one of our clients have said about our expertise:

"“Having collaborated with Hack Partners since June 2015 it’s been incredible to see how they’ve consistently been able to extract key insights from data which many industry professionals originally thought was useless.”

Tom Ewing
Head of Data Science at the Department for Transport

Case Study

Network Rail is delivering more than £15bn worth of enhancement projects between 2015-2019 to improve rail infrastructure nationwide. These projects constantly face technical, financial and political challenges — leading to delays. The Office of Rail and Road are responsible to oversee and regulate these projects to ensure they hit their milestones on time and on budget.

The ORR asked Hack Partners to help them predict when a project may begin to underperform using data they received from Network Rail

Meet The ORR
Prediction Tool

Tracking performance
of projects worth £15BN

Hack Partners worked closely with the regulators at ORR to review the project financial data and build a predictive tool which ranks projects according to their likelihood of missing a milestone — where projects that are likely to miss their milestones are flagged up to the regulators for review. For each project, a series of data visualisations (including 3D surface plots) of historical financial data serve as an indicator for regulators to identify what may be going wrong.

The Outcome

8 Staff Now Using The Tool

The ORR now has a tool that predicts the future performance of projects flagging up any that deem likely to miss their milestones. This gives ORR the insight they need to better monitor projects and save millions in over expenditure.