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22nd of November 2018

Attend Rail's Premiere Event
Idea to Implementation

HackTrain Conference 3.0

Learn how to drive change
See Innovation at its Roots

About The Conference

Why tell you we’re going to innovate, when we can show it to you?

This year we’re switching things up, a lot. By the time the conference rolls around, we’ll have ran two hackathons in 2018 generating 30 new ideas. We’ll be inviting some of our HackTrain innovators to pitch their prototypes to the industry. This is your chance to see what the future of rail looks like and work with us to make it a reality today.

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This Year's Topics

HackTrain 2018 Outcomes

You'll have the opportunity to see the very cutting edge of technology where our best HackTrain hackathon teams will present their prototypes.

A.I. Broken Down

Everyone keeps talking about it, but what exactly is it, how will it help you? Discover how can help you in your everyday and strategic aims.

Starting Small to Succeed

Big ideas are great, we all have them. Although it's good to be ambitious, it's also good to start quickly. Find out how Tesla, Apple, SpaceX created their empires through the simplest of initial ideas.


Innovation is Dead.
Long Live Innovation!

What do we really care about? "Innovation" or better outcomes? Let's find out why so many innovation initiatives in and outside of rail have failed and what we can learn from them.

Creating Communities of Change

The lone innovator never survives in an organisation for long. Hear how successful agents of change won over the rest of their business.

Building a New Generation of Suppliers

Hear how one of the biggest train manufacturers in the world have worked with new suppliers to build game changing IP.



team Image

Apurva Sinha

Head of Innovation at Network Rail

Apurva Sinha

Head of Innovation at Network Rail
team Image

Loraine Martins

Director of Diversity and Inclusion at Network Rail
team Image

River Tamoor Baig

CEO of Hack Partners
team Image

Liucija Latanauskaitė

Data Scientist at the DfT
team Image

Simona Stanynaite

Project Manager at Transport for London
team Image

Philipp Wehn

Innovation Manager at Siemens Mobility
team Image

Russell Goodenough

Managing Director of Transport at Fujitsu
team Image

Marcus Carmichael

Innovation Manager at South Western Railway
team Image

Aoife Considine

Fleet Performance Engineer at Heathrow Express
team Image

Sam Knight

CEO of Pollen8
team Image

Abigail Preen

Senior Transport Modeller at TfL
team Image

Peter Gough

Managing Partner & Founder of ORM
team Image

Helena Moretti

Principal Sponsor at TfL
team Image

Nicole Cohen-Wray

Stations Transformation Lead at Network Rail
team Image

Chris Scull

Experience Design Director at ORM
team Image

Claudia Sanchez

Electrical Engineer at TfL
team Image

Ian Prosser

Chief Inspector of Rail at The ORR
team Image

Freya De Mink

Consultant at The Boston Consulting Group
team Image

Lee Forster-Kirkham

Rail Fares Policy Manager at DfT
team Image

Henry Miskin

Lead Developer at Cytera
team Image

Johannah Randall

Head of Station Design at HS2
team Image

Jenny Cooke

Senior Project Engineer at Network Rail





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