9th-11th Nov 2018, London

HackTrain 5.0

Fun isn’t something one considers when hacking the rails. But this… will put a smile on your face. - Thanos

The ultimate transport hackathon is back
once again!

This year we are proud to announce that we'll be going hacking the rails in the UK and Europe once again in partnership with some of the biggest transport operators in the world!

Join us on a journey to innovate the rail industry over 4 crazy days of hacking!





Last Year's

Challenges For
HackTrain 5.0

Customer Experience

What next generation of technology can improve the travel experience by 1000x for passengers?

Operational Efficieny

How can performance be improved through the use of data and machine learning?

Rolling Stock Enhancement

What can we do with the vast amount of data that trains are producing nowadays?

Intelligent Infrastructure

How can we build and operate our future infrastructure assets more effiecently?

and more ...


Team Prizes:
£600 Travel Voucher
to anywhere in the world
For 2 Overall Winning Teams
For 2nd Place Teams
Nintendo Switch x 4
For 3rd Place Teams
Amazon Echo x4
Individual Prizes:
Amazon Echo Spot x 2
Nintendo NES Classic Mini x2
SilverRail Bounty Challenge:
From £1000 dependant on winning idea
Who will be there?

Mentors & Speakers

This year we are not holding back. Then again, when do we ever? We've hunted down the absolute brightest and best rail experts in the world and have invited them to mentor our equally talented hackers!

More Mentors & Speakers Coming

Andy Doherty

Chief Rail Tech Officer
Network Rail

Apurva Sinha

Head of Innovation
Network Rail

Evelin Skeppstrom

Product Manager

River Tamoor Baig

Hack Partners

Sebastian Sooth

Startup Manager
Deutsche Bahn

James Brown

Data & Performance Engineer
Angel Trains

Yasir Din

Data Scientist
Hack Partners

Megan Rowlands

Innovation Catalyst
Heathrow Airport

Russell Goodenough

Managing Director: Transport

David Shipman

Innovation Engineering Manager
Network Rail

Anthony Dewar

Head of Buildings and Architecture
Network Rail

Johannah Randall

Head of Station Design

Daniela Martin

Product Owner
Deutsche Bahn

Justas Cernas

Software Engineer
Hack Partners


Time Left Until The Hackathon Starts




9th November 2018, London, UK

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Partners & Sponsors

We are proud to be supported by some of the best organisations in the world and can't thank each of them enough for helping us! Without them, HackTrain 5.0 would not be possible!

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London, UK