The Challenge

A curious 25 year old entrepreneur living in the north of England simply asked “Why?”.

Why did the train company not tell him in advance his train was running 30 minutes late? Why was the train’s WiFi constantly cutting in and out? Why were trains so drastically different depending on the time of day?

It was by asking “Why” hundreds of times over an 8-month period that our Founder, River Tamoor Baig, realized the rail industry was far more complex than he (and the general public) could ever imagine.

River felt called to bring about change in the colossal 200 year old rail industry, but he knew he couldn’t do it alone…

The Solution

So, River put pen to paper and began etching out a solution. While at first, he wasn’t for certain what that solution would look like, he knew a few problems the solution would have to solve.

For one, the solution needed to dispel the myth of rail technology being costly, laborious to create, and impossible to implement. Two, the solution needed to reignite the flames that initially made UK the world’s leader in transport innovation. And, three, the solution needed to prove to the world that innovation can best be achieved through collaboration.

And so, the HackTrain was born.

River’s HackTrain would focus on driving forward innovation within the rail industry through collaboration. During a 48-hour Hackathon, tech innovators, startups, government, asset managers and train operators would come together and solve some of the industries biggest problems.

Fast-forward 3 short years and the initiative has successfully put innovation on the agenda of every board meeting. And, government and industry are investing more than ever before on new trains, technology, and ways of working.

Don’t take our word for it. See what everyone else is saying…