The Challenge

As a Passenger, finding available seats on trains can be challenging. You don’t know how busy a service is before boarding and you don’t know which carriages have the most seating available. Together, overcrowded trains and lack of seating results in a poor overall customer experience.

The Solution

Trainline presented their challenge at our 48 hour hackathon. One team took on Trainline’s challenge and built a working prototype over the weekend. The idea was to build a chatbot that could listen, learn and predict crowds on train carriages - thus Busybot was born. The team then worked post-hackathon with Trainline to implementing BusyBot into Trainline’s main app.

9.5 million

passengers use BusyBot every year to find seats on trains.

Here's what Trainline's Chief Technology Officer has to say about the innovations HackTrain has produced.