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We build cutting-edge technology products that fundamentally improve: asset management, operational performance, track worker safety and the quality of passenger information within the rail and bus industries.

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Our Products

We build our own products as well as collaborate with clients and industry partners to build bespoke and highly specialised products using our deep expertise in video analytics, computer vision, deep learning, statistical analysis and information visualisation.

We’ve developed over 10 innovative and industry-leading systems in this way, which are being used by industry partners such as Network Rail and Transport Owning Groups.

collaborative work
Used By Network Rail

We give you the intelligence you need to move to safer and more cost effective predict and prevent asset management practices using analytics from video / image data tied with accurate GPS information.

  • Vegetation Encroachment
  • Safe Cess Obstructions
  • Scrap Rail
  • Overhead Line Equipment Inspection
Used By Network Rail

Prevent serious disruption to passengers with real-time alerts (<0.4 seconds) to control rooms and your mobile phone when foregin objects are detected in critical equipment such as pantograph systems. To date we have analysed and provided a safety blanket to over 3000 pantographs all in real-time for Network Rail.

  • Pantograph Debris Detection
  • Instant Control Room Alerts
  • Edge Computing
  • Overhead Line Equipment Inspection
In Pilot with Network Rail

“We want our trains to run on time” is the very first sentence in the Great British Railways: Williams-Shapps Plan for Rail paper. We have a crack-team working on something very special for passengers to help us do just that. Coming soon, watch this space. With support from Innovate UK, Network Rail and the Geospatial Commission.

  • Punctuality Analysis
  • Planned Interventions Impact Analysis
  • Delay Cause Attribution
  • Subthreshold Delays Quantification
  • Delay Pattern Detection
In Pilot with a Transport Owning Group

Lack accurate insights on passenger demand? Take advantage of the most accurate real-time passenger counting system available on the market today. Delivering benefits across network planning, reduction in dwell time, vehicle optimisation and providing real-time detail bus occupancy data to passenger’s mobiles phones.

  • Vehicle Optimisation
  • Dwell time reduction
  • Accessibility Information
  • Geospatial insights
Coming Soon

Helping passengers and track workers safely navigate platforms and potential hazards.

Built using the intelligent Vision platform, people are instantly alerted when they begin to encroach protected boundaries they should not cross. For use on platforms, construction sites and trackside.

Let’s keep our people and passengers out of harm's way.

Our Services

Because technology alone doesn’t create lasting change, people do...

Making Change Stick
I have a new machine learning / artificial intelligence based system, I need to better understand how I get the most value out of it
Explore what would be possible in your space of interest in the future
Finding the Right Tool / Solution
Understand the best technology / product solution to solve my problem today
Rapid Prototyping
So I can validate an idea / solution I have quickly without spending lots of money and wasting precious time

Our Capabilities

Machine Learning & Automation
Our systems are built to “learn” and make decisions based on past situations they have encountered. This is how our products predict faults emerging on your assets. Saving you time and money from highly repetitive inspection tasks whilst giving precision accuracy in outputs.
Data Science & Decision Support
Central to all our products is the ability to draw actionable insights from data. These insights can then be delivered to users to aid their decision making.
Computer Vision
One of our core capabilities. In many of our products we use data from images and video to enable a computer to see like a human would. The Intelligent Vision platform for instances uses video data to spot faults with Overhead Lines, Vegetation and Obstructed CESS.
Real-time Alerting & Monitoring
When products are deployed in operational environments high reliability and performant systems are a must have for customers. For example, POLER and the Lifts and Escalators API which we currently work with Network Rail on must deliver instant alerting.
User Experience & Interface Design
You will know when you are using a Hack Partners’ product - 21st Century UX / UI, making it easy for users to gain business value from the product.
Data Visualisation
As humans we use data to get information to help us make better decisions. The visualisation of data is how we try to communicate information easily to each other. You can have the best data in the world but if you present it in poor ways it will be useless.
Graph Based Systems
Where relationships between data are the highest priority. Graph-based systems are the foundation of social networks but also routing systems within the transport industry!
Geo-spatial Analytics
Knowing the location of assets and vehicles is critical to gaining a more complete picture and providing higher-value insights to end users. For example, knowing the crowding of a bus by the time of day at every stop of the journey is far more valuable than just knowing passenger crowding at a given time of the day.
Industrial Sensors / IoT
Handling large amounts of data in real-time at high velocity is critical for the digital age, especially if you actually want to process this data to create insights rather than just storing it.